True Handleless Kitchens

True handleless kitchens

Browse our range of made to order true handleless kitchens for a German style, modern - streamline design.

Our true handleless kitchen doors provide a visually impressive modern, minimalist kitchen design.

True handleless are available in a number of colours & finishes, including painted - with an option of a high gloss or matt finish. There are also a wide selection of colours and wood grain options in a slab PVC edged door style that we can manufacture to any size.

What's the differences between a true handleless kitchen and a handleless kitchen?

A handleless kitchen features a door which has a J groove at the top which is used to open the door. A true handleless kitchen door is a slab door or has a sharks tooth profile (Tomba) and sits slightly short in height of the kitchen cabinet. The unit is also manufactured differently to allow a handleless profile to be fitted which allows you to put your fingers behind the door and pull it open.

What are true handleless kitchen profiles?

Handleless kitchen doors that are used in these ranges are of a slab design, often from our other kitchen ranges however we do have a number of ranges/options that we don't have displayed on our website. If you want or have seen something different please give us a quick call to see if we can help.

A unique profile rail system is built into the kitchen unit which is constructed specifically for this handleless kitchen style. The handleless rail profile is available in a number of colours and is constantly growing in availability & options.

Planning & Fitting a true handleless kitchen?

Planning a true handleless kitchen is slightly different than planning a traditional kitchen style, we can work with you to make sure you have allowed enough space and to also ensure that you have all the correct handleless rail profiles and complimentary parts.

A true handleless kitchen is fitted similar to a traditional kitchen. There is an additional profile which needs to be added to the kitchen units by the fitter and in order to get a perfect finish each rail must be cut to size on site once the kitchen units are placed in situ.