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TIP-On For Doors (Extended) Set with Adjustment

Blum TIP-On For Doors (Extended) - Allows Handleless Doors


Blum TIP-On For Doors (Extended) - Allows Handleless Doors

Use with sprung hinges.

Handle-less doors can be opened easily with TIP-ON, a light touch is all that's needed.

The door then opens at an angle that is comfortable for the furniture user, it gives a good view of the cabinet's interior without limiting the user's freedom of motion.

Brand: Blum

  • Features
  • Includes adjustment from +4.0/-1.0mm
  • The mechanism remains undamaged when the door is pulled open by hand.
  • The mechanism is made of high quality components and will last for the lifetime of the furniture.
  • Drilling Dimensions
  • 10mm Diameter hole required at a minimum of 76mm deep.
  • Additional Information
  • Type: TIP-On
  • Position: Cabinet, Handle Side
  • Version: Extended
  • Material: Nylon
  • Finish: Grey
  • Drill Depth: 70mm
  • Fixing Method: Push Fit
  • Hinge Type: Sprung Hinge
  • Guarantee: Lifetime

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